Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Nobody likes `the small print`.

These terms of service only apply to bookings made directly with Beinn Bhracaigh.

If you have booked via any other 3rd party, you need to follow the terms & conditions etc,

of that 3rd party – so your reading is complete!

We don't like writing terms of service, and we know you don't like reading them, but they're here for a reason,

and that's to protect both you and Beinn Bhracaigh.   

If you have any further questions on our terms and conditions, please contact us

These terms of service are not expansive, but we want everyone to know what we strive to deliver, as well as any limitations

we are aware of, that may impact on your stay with us, that you need to be aware of.

Also, we want to highlight certain things that we do expect Beinn Bhracaigh guests, to be aware of & take responsibility for.

In simple speak, it is about `doing the right thing`. 

Just select, below, the correct `Terms of Service` applicable to your booking: